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Community Events

June 10, 2023 Deploying Generative AI Models This meetup caters to all AI enthusiasts, from beginners in model training to deployment experts and researchers. May 26, 2023 Hugging Cast v2 - Live AI News and Demos Join our live show - we'll discuss StarCoder, Transformer Agents and our latest benchmarks! June 7, 2023 Free Panel – The Linux Moment of AI: Open Sourced AI Stack In this virtual panel, experts, including Hugging Face Chief Evangelist, will delve into how open-source models and tools can revolutionize AI. May 11, 2023 Free Workshop: Save money with Inferentia2 [San Francisco] Learn how to save money deploying text and image Generative AI models on AWS Inferentia2! Apr 29, 2023 Meet-up on Generative AI Free meet-up in collaboration with NVIDIA to discuss the bleeding egde from the world of Generative AI. Apr 27, 2023 Hugging Cast v1 - Live AI News and Demos Join us for the premiere of Hugging Cast, our new live show about open source AI! Mar 29 to May 8, 2023 Diffusers/JAX Community Sprint This is a community event to develop applications with 🧨 diffusers and JAX using TPUs. Apr 14 to May 1, 2023 Scikit-learn Documentation Sprint This is a community event to develop applications for examples in scikit-learn documentation using Gradio. Mar 31, 2023 (IRL San Francisco) Open Source AI meetup with 🤗 CEO 🤗 CEO Clement Delangue & team members are heading to San Francisco to celebrate the open-source AI community. Mar 6 to Apr 1, 2023 Keras DreamBooth Community Sprint A community sprint on fine-tuning Stable Diffusion using DreamBooth technique on Keras library.